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Can’t Hide

We can run away.. but we can’t hide.

Through a storm and through a lonely night


Whenever you need

I promise you I never hide

Sometimes Life throws us under the rains. It certainly does. No one can hide.

Let’s live with it and go through it…

For Bich Thuan, my friend.

Houston, we have a problem.

“Houston, we have a problem”
Apollo 13


Houston, we have a problem Before hearing that sentence from my client, I haven’t viewed the movie yet. It was after an afternoon after a failed live test. During a demo to end-customer, our application met an unknown state of data and crashed.

No need to say, that is a big disappointment. Both my team and our client trying to make everything prepared among few weeks. We all work hard for this demo. And we know that this is related closely to the future of our project.

And the responsibility in that case is mine.

While I was expecting his explosion, or at least many complaints, he told me one thing that I would never forget:

Have you known this saying: “Houston, we have a problem

Problems come and go. He says that he expects that problems would come, specially for our fast-paced development. We must develop new features even before fixing the old bugs, and this is hard to avoid. He said he’s impressed with the work of our team, and hope I can recover this case as quickly as possible.

That stunned me for a while.

Everything work out at last. We resolved the problem – far easier than expected.