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When Jenkin checkout the wrong SVN revision

Evolus have brought the Build Integration Server into function for a while. The thing I like most about Jenkin is that I don’t have to build the heavy web-application in my machine anymore (the build process eats RAM pretty fast). Instead, the build get packaged on the CI server and then deployed directly to our staging server.

In fact, we have to get over several issues before getting it done correctly. One of them is the “Wrong SVN version” issue.

The last SVN version for development is 129. But the svn update on CI server always yields 127. We must wait several hours before it brings to the correct version of SVN to the CI server for building.

We have tried to switch to another checkout strategy. But even a full check-out doesn’t help to update the svn version correctly.


It’s the time. The SVN server must be synced by time with the CI server. The mismatching of time (even in seconds) can caused a loss in SVN check out function.


Since we don’t control the SVN server directly, we can’t have it synced with CI server. A work-around is that we can indicate Jenkin to check only for the HEAD version:

Put the link into the SVN box and it will be ok: svn://hostname/project/trunk@HEAD