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Pride of Developer

Developer is maker.

He designs, he builds, he revises. He take pride in the product he has completed. No matter if it’s a mobile kill app, or a website, or simply a module of a bigger system.

He strive for continuous improvement. He wants to see himself better day by day.

 Never let anyone touch that pride.

When your boss say “no”


Have you ever been in this position?

  • You feel you are the only one in the group who wants to make things better.
  • You are the only one in the company who cares to deliver better service.
  • You want to buy something for your mother, but she turn it down and say you’re wasting money.
  • And of course, the time you suggest some of your terribly incredible innovative idea to the boss. And he/she said “no”

How does that feel?

Well, I’m not here to console you. I’m here to state a hard truth. Your idea will be never supported.

The time of a manager is valuable. Manager must balance himself over many stuff. He won’t have much time to look into any detail. If he does, he’s probably running our of time and won’t accomplish his own work.

So what did he do? It’s simple. He just say no.

Ideas are worthless. A true boss know “action speaks more”. If you don’t have the determination to go through with the idea, then he doesn’t have to listen to it.

Well, if you think what you do worth the trouble, you will do it. After you have accomplished something, or great things, present it again. Then after that you can hope for a better answer.

You won’t know unless you try

Business idea photo business-idea-534228_640_zpsizgintqt.jpg
That’s the only phrase I remembered after reading an old story.

Today, when working with my colleagues, one of them tell me: your idea is good, but it won’t work, because

Actually, that’s a very common phrase. I heard it all my years in colleague. When we are in a group and each gives out an idea, when I hear: your idea is good but… I know the conversation is going to be difficult.

An idea is an idea, and even if you think it’s not possible, at least give it some chance. Ideas themselves are meaningless. Only action can bring life up and make dreams come true.

Get over the loss

Listen to ... life

He is lost. He doesn’t know what he wants to do. Like a boat in the middle of the sea in a night.

If you have ever think you don’t have anything more to lose, it’s like his feeling now. The feeling is not easy. Or maybe it is easy, somehow. Knowing you can’t lose more, you can’t make any more mistake. There’s some upside in that.

Like, staying in the solitude cover for a while may really make the calm. But it will never make restoration. Never make a moment of happiness.

Listen. Outside, there are flowers. There are rain. There are voices of people you don’t know. There are market. There are clouds. There are your sister who don’t know how to solve her homework. Like, there are people who wants to know you.

To get over the loss, care more.

The resonance of monopoly (2): Game of Finance


Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in the US.

However, people seldom gets it right.

It’s not until last year that I got my hand on a document on the origin of Monopoly. It is so different to what I have thought! The game is made as part of a thesis (what?) to illustrate how the big guy gets rich by bankrupting the small businesses. It outlives its creator, however, and lives on…

Like I say on the previous article, this game is not a gamble. With the development of computer, now we can calculate the chance of a property will be hit in a single trip around the board. And no, not every property has the same chance. Some has better chance to be hit, some has worse chance, and the gap is quite significant.

Need a hint? The orange block is your friend. Although they are quite cheap, they have the highest chance to be hit in a single round of travel, thanks to their position after the prison. The blue block, though attractive, doesn’t worth a crap at beginning, since you will never have enough money to finance its hefty price.

Lesson: never judge a book by its cover (so classic)

Monopoly Board

The resonance of monopoly (1)


Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in the US.

But so many people have misunderstood this game.

I have played my first game since I was six. That time, my father bought me this board game, and I take it to my parents’ hometown. The kids there are so excited. We think we can buy and sell the most famous streets in the city, That is crazy!!

We don’t have anyone to show us how to play, so we just follow the instruction. We go around, buy immobile, train stations, electric facilities… We laugh when someone land on our property. And then, after a very long time, finally, someone goes bankrupt. But usually the game ends before that, since we all have to eat. The time and experience we enjoy is so memorable.

You know what? I never thought the game has so much depth under the simple cover. Not until getting my hand on the origin of monopoly, I realize that there are actually science in this game. No, it’s not gambling at all. You won’t ever know what you get when the dice rolls, that’s true. However, when statistics come into play, everything is possible…

How to find anything with Google


You can find almost every kind of information with Google. That’s nothing new. But how?

A quick example: Yesterday, my friend’s headphone seems go wrong suddenly. When he views his favorite “comedie musicale” (he likes to say it so), he can hear the music, but not the voice of the singer. Such a crime to art.

So I advise him to ask the know-it-all of our century, Dr. Google. Though my friend must be kind of a difficult person himself, he is still far from this Doctor. Dr. Google answers every question thrown at him, but with one condition. You should know what you ask for.


After my friend throws in a dozen of query, like, “how can’t I hear my musicale”, I can’t standby any more. Putting in “headphone hear music but no voice”, go view first three links in SuperUser, skim through stuff, and find the right solution.

Below is some tips for doing it more efficiently.

1. Put thought in your search query. Be concrete. Think about what people may say if they have the same problem. Chances are, hundreds people have solved your problem before,

2. Identify reliable sources. SuperUser is a site I often search first when having problems with my computer. Clear question, short answer, easy to read, to the point, and saves lots of time. You can find your source by yourself.

3. Try searching by English first. If it doesn’t work, try a different language. You will be surprised when you see the gap between documents of different languages.

StackOverflow: why it succeed?

You succeed when you reach your goal. Simple at that.

Why StackOverflow is a success? It’s not because that the website has reach 560M page view/ month. It’s because it makes software developer’s life easier.

My criterion for whether Stack Overflow works: when you type your question into Google, and you’re happy to see a Stack Overflow result rather than a result at another one of those Q&A sites where you have to sign up and pay a monthly fee to see the answer. - Joel Spolsky

Once you understand the site’s goal, you would understand the hard choice that its creators have made. Many people complain how the site has been so strict in its “standard” for question and answer. When they come to the site asking for help, but leaving unsatisfied. Or worse, their question would be closed in few seconds because it’s “too broad”.

It’s because that SO “true” customer are the indirect users, those who come searching for an answer. The answer gets written only once, but it gets read millions of times years later.

The more time you spend on writing a short, clear and coherent question, the more time would be saved from your reader.