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What to do when the computer go crazy

Last week I go to see a trouble laptop of a friend. There are two problems: the DVD drive doesn’t play, and she can’t use Microsoft Office to edit documents. Those things was just fine before re-installing Windows, so I don’t think it’s a hardware-related problem; if yes, a visit to professional repair service is needed.

I tackled the second one first: re-installing Microsoft Office. An error pops out: can’t un-installing MS Office Home & Student. Fine, a search in Google: “can’t uninstall MS Office student home” solve it.

The first one is more trickier. Checking drivers: no problem. Inserting disk: nothing happen. I detect no abnormal symptom, except the additional “DVD Region” on the device manager was pointing to US. Try changing it, the disk shout that an “appropriate region disk” is required. So I… Google again :)

I got some relevant results, just like the first case, but this time it can’t be sure what cause the problem. My only guess is that the “DVD region” might be responsible. Walking through lots of proposed solutions yield no good result.

I gave up at that time. After home, I re-think and find out that my methods depends too much in finding how people solve similar problems. It may not work for a brand new problem, as the solution doesn’t actually arise from the problem itself. I’ll put a short list of my thinking here – hope this list saves someone a little time. On the other hand, if anyone have a propose to improve the methods, I’m more than pleased to discuss it :)

1) What’s strange with the computer? Is there any new software just installed? Is Windows re-installed? Is there any abnormal symptom or configuration?

2) Googling: in my experience, searching in English yield more good results than in native language (Vietnamese). The more you specify the problem, the better the results you get.

3) Ask on supporting forum: there are plenty of them out there. I prefer asking in English global forum like superuser, but any native technical forums is also good.

4) Consider re-installing Windows/Linux/Mac (your operating system). This solution is better if you prepared a Ghost of your system or keeping the original install disk. Otherwise, finding drivers might become a painful task.

5) Ask the experts.