Dealing with negativity – an incomplete post

Recently, some of my friends often complain about their stress, lonely feelings, worse mood… In short, they feel bad. It’s like spurring ink fluid into a water glass. So I decide to write something for my friends.

About a year ago, I share their same feelings. Graduating from university with not so-high grade, but I’m seriously lacking belief about my ability. I choose to work – not stay at school for learning higher – for the fact that I don’t like studying theories anymore. But I also don’t know if I can work well – I was born an earth-worm and my all family hope that I would become a professor, PhD… But I failed them.

I also failed someone I’m very caring about.

When thing happens, it happen. After all events, I suddenly realize that I fail myself. I fail to protect the one I love for my inability, for the fact that I haven’t trained myself facing difficulties, and lacking of preparation. I said to myself: things can’t be like this any longer. I must get back to shape as soon as possible. The spirit come back.

Well, if someone is in my case, maybe he will be a lot stronger and get back faster. Whatever.

I just need to know what do I live for.