Fav-icon – the simple trademarks of website

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God is in the details, said the architect Ludwig mies van der Rohe. Our world is built from billions of tiny elements, which is impossible to recognize if we just look on the surface. But coming closer, even a dust may have its history.

And a fav-icon has a history itself, too.

Did you ever notice that tiny icon which appears on top of your browser page/tab, whenever you visit a website? Yes, it has a name – a favicon. I’m not going to tell you about how the standard established. I’m going to tell you what I feel: about how it’s easy to miss these icons.

As a young web developer, I did not too much, but at least some real website. And yet it’s unbelievable that I doesn’t know about the favicon until recently. Maybe my teachers in university have mention it while I’m sleeping? Don’t know.

And one beautiful day, I suddenly realize how difficult to move among my chrome tabs without seeing their icons. Then I learn about favicon and how to make them. All that costs not more than 15 minutes. Now I know how to make a favicon myself.

@sagisou: this post is for you.

2 thoughts on “Fav-icon – the simple trademarks of website

  1. ledohoanglong

    @sis Gián Con: Favicon only runs on web server, not pure HTML/CSS. That means one can’t get the favicon on their website until he deploy it on a web server. It’s not that strange that even experienced developers don’t know it :)

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