Flock vs. Rockmelt – It’s a new age for Social Browser?

Flock & Rockmelt

Flock & Rockmelt

**Vietnamese: trong bai viet nay, toi gioi thieu van tat ve 2 trinh duyet web co tich hop tinh nang mang xa hoi hien nay.**

They are two so-called brand new browsers which change the user-experience toward social-perspective. I have prepared some materials to present about them, but it seems I can’t for now, so just experience it yourselves. Maybe that will be even better!


Flock was first released in 2005, based on Mozilla engine (like Firefox). Then it’s ported to chromium platform. Flock support several social platform, include Facebook, Twitters… You must register a Flock account to use its social features.

Experience: Very simple and user-friendly. I am surprised when I use it the first time. Nice concept & good design, in short.

Flock browser

Flock browser


In 2010, Rockmelt was born on Chromium platform. Later than 5 years, but it has a better interface compared to Flock(color combination & notification system are much better). When first saw it, I must says “wow”. The bad side is that it requires you have a facebook account to start, and you must give Rockmelt nearly full control of that account. And the long time it took to start may count, too.

Rockmelt browser

Here’s a short comparison list of these two browsers (maybe a bit out-dated).

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