How to find anything with Google


You can find almost every kind of information with Google. That’s nothing new. But how?

A quick example: Yesterday, my friend’s headphone seems go wrong suddenly. When he views his favorite “comedie musicale” (he likes to say it so), he can hear the music, but not the voice of the singer. Such a crime to art.

So I advise him to ask the know-it-all of our century, Dr. Google. Though my friend must be kind of a difficult person himself, he is still far from this Doctor. Dr. Google answers every question thrown at him, but with one condition. You should know what you ask for.


After my friend throws in a dozen of query, like, “how can’t I hear my musicale”, I can’t standby any more. Putting in “headphone hear music but no voice”, go view first three links in SuperUser, skim through stuff, and find the right solution.

Below is some tips for doing it more efficiently.

1. Put thought in your search query. Be concrete. Think about what people may say if they have the same problem. Chances are, hundreds people have solved your problem before,

2. Identify reliable sources. SuperUser is a site I often search first when having problems with my computer. Clear question, short answer, easy to read, to the point, and saves lots of time. You can find your source by yourself.

3. Try searching by English first. If it doesn’t work, try a different language. You will be surprised when you see the gap between documents of different languages.