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Reading Happiness

Before going to work, what is your choice of reading? Newspaper, blogs, facebook, twitter,… or nothing at all?

** Vietnamese: Bài viết trình bày ngắn gọn về việc lựa chọn thông tin nên đọc đầu mỗi buổi sáng. Bài viết hoàn toàn dưa trên cách suy nghĩ của cá nhân, và tôi sẽ rất vui nếu nhận được những ý kiến chia sẻ từ các bạn :) **

In our fast-paced society, the things that most people do at the very beginning of a day is consuming news. You can read local news from online new papers, industry news from famous leading-websites, information about your friends & relatives on Facebook, Myspace… But all those information are simply too huge for a single person to read: Digg calculate that everyday the world produce a year-reading for the fastest-reader. What will you read?

It’s worth noticing that not all the information is useful, truthful or even noticeable at all. So what is a good tactics to get the most out of things we read? In my opinion, the first tip is selective reading.

My list of choices for a simple morning:

  1. Inspired story: It’s my first choice. Simple, because I’m all tired with the hard work yesterday, and need replenishing the mind. Those stories also reminds me about what I believe, the motives for that I take actions, the true goal of my life and what should be done now. Philosophically, you may say, but it’s useful to me.
  2. Blogs of choice: following several blogs might be a good idea – I see many good people do this. I believe that following stories of your favorite people would give a big push in motivation. If you are a tech-guy like me, you might also interested in TechCrunch, ArsTechnica or InfoQ, those great sources of innovations, startups, blah blah… StackOverflow/Mailing lists is also a decent selection for a programming careers
  3. Facebook/Twitter: a quick glance for friends, family and so on… Twitter can also be the tools to follow the newest trends in your industry/hobbies, given that you follow the right people ;)
  4. Local News: the fact that until I’m writing this line, I remember that I have ignored this issue for quite a time. It’s not very good: but then I should consider re-organizing the little remaining time.
  5. Task lists: yes, this is indispensable. After reading this, we totally throw ourselves to a new day of work :)

How about your choices?

2 thoughts on “Reading by selection

  1. Cuong Nguyen

    Good job! Starting a new day by reading something is a good habit.

    Just remember to set a limit for these stuff or else you will ruin your own day with all non-sense information lol I prefer to go with 30 – 60 minutes per day.

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