Start at StackOverflow: A new way to gain reputation

/** Vietnamese: Một cách dễ dàng hơn để kiếm điểm reputation tại StackOverflow, đặc biệt cho người mới bắt đầu **/

In some previous posts, I have mentioned about some tips for starting at StackOverflow. Most of them require the new user to understand the basic value of the site, and then create good questions & answers. That way works perfectly in the long term, but people always want to speed up the process. Ok, I’m here to present a fairly new way (and maybe easier) to do that.

It’s about editing.

Previously, StackOverflow have a fairly strict rule about who can edit a post. If you read the FAQ carefully, you probably know that all your questions/answers can be modified by anyone with reputation-point more than 2000, though changes will get logged. And that’s how StackOverflow mimics Wikipedia: summoning the community support to refine the content on the site, without fearing misbehaviors from malicious users.

But now, editing is open for all users: actually, anyone can submit an edit, but it needs acceptance from users more than 2000 to effect the original post. If your edit gets accepted, you get 2 reputation points in return. That’s the new shiny suggested edit function. The total up to 1000 reputation points can be rewarded by this way.

With this new rule, new comer may have better times leveling up the reputation a bit (yes, it’s not that good to earn 1000 rep points by fixing others’ formatting mistakes). Anyway, I think it’s a good opportunity for starters.