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Keeping shape in high pressure


/* Vietnamese: Một vài cách để chống stress dành cho lập trình viên khi làm việc với cường độ cao */

In programming community, working under high pressure is often a “must have” ability. Here list some of my tips to maintain good conditions in those situation:

Take some rest: Keep in mind that a weary brain do more harm than good things. Men are no machine. If you are trying to get a bug solved, things may turn out that you created even more bugs.Don’t take quick fix: a common situation is that before an important release, we are inclined to take hot-fix. A hard-code message, a magic number, which seems no harm at the moment, will cause you BIG trouble later.

Be assured, in those time, you are inclined to make errors more than anytime. Be careful even to the log message, or you will find yourself among lots of trash code later.

Sleep enough: easy to say, but hard to do. IT guys often feels good working at the night: the network is fast, no intervention… But I still think working too late is a bad idea. 8 hours a day is enough – if you want to maintain health.

Supply foods: Brainstorming requires much of energy, just like physical activities. This item even more important if you can’t guarantee the time of your sleeps. Prepare some snacks, noodles if you’re going to work overtime. You will not regret it.

Stay cool: Keeping a calm emotion is important. No matter how important a release is, it’s surely not the end of world. When I began working, I feels great pressure everytime a bug pop out near our deadline. But my seniors are different. They solve the problem step by step. And in the end, everything is just fine.