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Pride of Developer

Developer is maker.

He designs, he builds, he revises. He take pride in the product he has completed. No matter if it’s a mobile kill app, or a website, or simply a module of a bigger system.

He strive for continuous improvement. He wants to see himself better day by day.

 Never let anyone touch that pride.

Google I/O – Another clever thing by Google

Google is famous with their cleverness – to make little happy joyful things. We developers are all familiar with their tricks, such as “snowy day” , or “do a barrel roll”.

And it’s time for a new trick!

Google IO Game

Google IO Game, Google IO Game

The purpose is simple: get the ball from “input” to “output”.  You are given a variety of “pieces” to make your machine. The pieces include redirectors, elevators, walls,… and so on. Can you make the best machine with only fewest pieces? Let’s try!

Some beautiful machines: