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Online Code Editors


/** Vietnamese – Bài viết giới thiệu về một loại ứng dụng hữu ích cho các lâp trình viên: Online Code Editor **/

Well, just when I think my ideas have drained (actually, struggling to sort them out), then I  remember there’s a useful tip that haven’t been shared yet. That’s the using of online code editors.

What’s an online code editor?

An online code editor is an editor that gives you tool to compile and run code online, which means you don’t need to download & install bunch of packages, IDE, and libraries on your machine.

You may or may not hear about them: no online editor can fully replace a good IDE for your favorite programming language. The server generally doesn’t allow you to do all the things:  accessing file system is often prohibited, so does network programming… But it certainly have some value for testing/experimenting. Remember the last time that your cousin ask about Pascal? Well, now you don’t need to re-install or download the packet, just go to a Pascal-supported online editor, and show him a working version of your greedy algorithm. Pretty handy, isn’t it?

Online editors come in many languages: C#, C++, PHP, Java, Groovy… The most popular editors are those which support HTML/CSS/Javascript. This gives web developers a quick prototype tool: Copy your code into the editor, run the code, then send the result link for your boss, your peers, or your brothers. Remember, they don’t need to install & configure their machine!

This makes me remember a theory about the Cloud: sometime in the future we won’t need to buy a machine which is called PC. We only need a monitor, then connect it to the Internet Cloud  to use Office, Calculator, writing emails or playing games… The Operating System is on the Cloud, so do the applications. Will we code on the Cloud, too?

Some of the useful sites: