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When your boss say “no”


Have you ever been in this position?

  • You feel you are the only one in the group who wants to make things better.
  • You are the only one in the company who cares to deliver better service.
  • You want to buy something for your mother, but she turn it down and say you’re wasting money.
  • And of course, the time you suggest some of your terribly incredible innovative idea to the boss. And he/she said “no”

How does that feel?

Well, I’m not here to console you. I’m here to state a hard truth. Your idea will be never supported.

The time of a manager is valuable. Manager must balance himself over many stuff. He won’t have much time to look into any detail. If he does, he’s probably running our of time and won’t accomplish his own work.

So what did he do? It’s simple. He just say no.

Ideas are worthless. A true boss know “action speaks more”. If you don’t have the determination to go through with the idea, then he doesn’t have to listen to it.

Well, if you think what you do worth the trouble, you will do it. After you have accomplished something, or great things, present it again. Then after that you can hope for a better answer.