The resonance of monopoly (1)


Monopoly is one of the most popular board games in the US.

But so many people have misunderstood this game.

I have played my first game since I was six. That time, my father bought me this board game, and I take it to my parents’ hometown. The kids there are so excited. We think we can buy and sell the most famous streets in the city, That is crazy!!

We don’t have anyone to show us how to play, so we just follow the instruction. We go around, buy immobile, train stations, electric facilities… We laugh when someone land on our property. And then, after a very long time, finally, someone goes bankrupt. But usually the game ends before that, since we all have to eat. The time and experience we enjoy is so memorable.

You know what? I never thought the game has so much depth under the simple cover. Not until getting my hand on the origin of monopoly, I realize that there are actually science in this game. No, it’s not gambling at all. You won’t ever know what you get when the dice rolls, that’s true. However, when statistics come into play, everything is possible…